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"Dressing you in Confidence"

workout clothing Do's and Don'ts

Choosing the right sports bra for you.

The Sticky bra for Large breasts

Does it work????

6 different ways to cuff and roll your pants

Fashion tricks and Hacks

The Adhesive Bra

Series Part 1

Adhesive Bra part 2


Adhesive Bra part 3

Fall Fashion 2019

How to style leopard print

The puff sleeve

Women's fall fashion trends

How to tie your shirts

How to tie the St Andrew necktie knot

Step by step tutorial 

The St Andrew is a formal knot, a great alternative to the Full Windsor

How to tuck in your shirts

What you didn't know about your clothing

10 Style tips for Women

How to pick a tie for your suit and body

How to tie a tie

Learn how to tie the Four in hand, the Victoria, the half Windsor and the full Windsor.

Utilize your suit

Utilize your suit from work, wedding and play